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We help you and your dog enjoy your best lives together by providing professional, individualized training.

Does your dog need help with:

Behavioral issues
Pulling on the leash
Separation Anxiety
Potty training

Come join us at K9 Freedom

where we we provide high end training that is more extensive than any other training options in the area.

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Our Services

Basic Obedience

This is for almost everyone – from puppies to adult dogs.

Behavior Modification

This program consists of light obedience & heavy behavioral issue training.

Advanced Training

This is for dogs who have completed the basic obedience program and want to move forward with more training.

Which one of these describes your current situation?

  • My dog doesn’t come when I call or listen to any basic commands (heel, down, etc.)
  • It’s impossible to walk my dog in public without pulling me or lunging at other dogs
  • I avoid having company over because my dog barks and jumps all over my guests
  • My dog gets protective and aggressive towards other dogs or even humans when they get too close to me
  • I’m afraid that my dog’s unpredictable behavior might result in a bit

If any of these describes your situation, it’s time to schedule your consultation with K9 Freedom.

Valor dog training with a group of owners

Even if you’ve tried another trainer in the past…

Even if you feel like your dog is too old or too far gone to correct their behavior…

It’s not too late!

We help you understand what is causing your dog’s behavior first so that we can create a clear line of communication and establish a relationship where your dog is not only obedient, but also confident, social and happy.

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