About K9 Freedom

We believe

  1. Dogs have a unique, strong bond with their owners
  2. Training dogs so that they can be a family member
  3. The health and well being of your dog comes first

We don’t want anyone to have to leave their dog behind because they don’t behave.

We provide balanced training and keeping your dog’s personality is key. Training should be fun for the owners and the dogs!

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We Are Here For You

Starr Chumard lead dog trainer and owner with her dog

Starr Chumard

Owner/Head Trainer

I’ve always, ever since I can remember, had a love for dogs. We had family dogs growing up and the bond with them was strong.

I am an expert in all levels of obedience and behavior modification, having been trained and certified as a Professional Dog Trainer and years of training dogs and their owners. I learned how to ensure that the training and pace you are working at are psychologically sound for the dog, how to understand the psychology behind their behaviors and actions, and how to effectively train them and their owners.

I have worked with hundreds of dogs, all different breeds, personalities, ages, and temperaments.

If it’s an issue, I’ve dealt with it.

I’ve lived in upstate South Carolina, New York City, Phoenix, AZ, New Mexico, and Northeast PA.  I reside in Honesdale, PA with my four dogs, Ray, Ty, Lana, & Cornbread.

Michael Henry

Senior Trainer

Mike and his wife and two dogs

Mike and his wife, Shannon, had Starr train their two dogs, Thor & Quaid, in 2020. Michael fell in love with dog training, and joined K9 Freedom in 2021.

Michael and Shannon lives in Lake Ariel, PA with their two dogs, Thor & Quaid, and two cats.

Jamie Lebanion


Jamie Lebanion sitting with his dog - trainer at K9Freedom

Jamie has always had a love for animals, and when he was introduced to professional dog training he saw that he could have a career doing something he truly had a passion for. His love and bond with dogs has only grown stronger as a trainer.

Jamie joined K9 Freedom in 2023. He is from southeastern Kentucky and currently lives in Lake Ariel, PA with his four dogs, Ray, Ty, Lana, & Cornbread.

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